Salesforce CTI

Today we released a number of updates to Anveo Cloud Communications Platform which are part of a continuing strategy to strengthen our technology and to enhance Anveo's business oriented offerings. CTI
As more businesses are moving to there is a growing demand for Salesforce CTI integration.

We are pleased to announce that Anveo Cloud Communications Platform is now integrated with

Salesforce CTI integration allows Anveo users to store in Salesforce vital information about calls they receive/make from/to CRM contacts. The kind of information which can be stored is configurable and includes:
  • calls history (date and time when the call was made/received and call duration)
  • call recordings with download link
  • Voicemails with download link
  • Incoming FAXes with download link
  • SMS/Text messages sent and received

Anveo IVR Call Flow
Anveo IVR Call Flow was also updated to include a new set of call controls designed to work with
IVR Call Flow can now interact with Salesforce and lookup caller details (first name, last name, address etc), can provide different call handling and routing for CRM contacts vs new callers, capture Leads and add Notes to CRM contacts.

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