We are open!

I would like to post a message from Anveo Founder and CEO.

Dear Anveo team,

It is a very excited moment for all of us as I am pleased to announce that Anveo.com is open!
About 3 years ago we have started our journey of designing and building Anveo® Communication Platform with powerful Visual Call Flow technology. At that time we put a lots of thoughts into Anveo's original vision and design so it will be highly competitive for years ahead. During the time we have witnessed a number of Voice 2.0 players entering the market with niche solutions. Just a few of them were quite successful while others are either no longer in business or trying hard to stay afloat. Occasionally, we were tempted to unveil Anveo® in its early stage (I'm sure you remember numerous debates about that) but we kept focusing on achieving the goal and now Anveo is ready.

By launching Anveo® service I hope we open a new chapter in the way people use their phones. No more rigid or old-fashioned rule-based phone services. Anveo® allows anyone to Visually configure their phones without any special skills required. Anveo provides an easy way to "mash-up" phones, IM and the Web via web-based Visual Call Flow Designer. Anveo is more than Hosted PBX or Unified Communication, it is complete Voice 2.0 Communication and Collaboration Suite for consumer or businesses of any size!

Remember when I asked you the question "What would you like to say to our competitors?". Well, now it is the time to present our collective answer:
  • 'Greetings to all!'
  • 'Welcome the competition!'
  • 'May be it is time to move over, there is a new kid on the block!'
  • 'Run...!'
  • 'Good luck!'

But getting serious again, I would like to provide you with some numbers . It took us more than 49,000 man-hours, over 350,000 lines of code, gallons and gallons of coffee to build, as what we believe, the most powerful and flexible Voice 2.0 Communication Platform offered as a service.

Thank you all for your hard work!

But it is not over. There will be more challenges ahead of us, maybe a bug or two to take care of ;) but most importantly we have Anveo® Road Map to follow so we can make Anveo service even better than we have dreamed.

Founder and CEO,
Denis Chukhryaev

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Nicolas Martinez said...

Nice to talk to you today. Anveo platform looks very promising. I hope we can work closer in the future.

Nicolas Martinez
General Manager
Connectica Solutions, LLC
Houston, TX
Contact Center and Communication solutions.