How to make a phone call with Anveo Phone Number as CallerID.

Question: "I have Anveo phone number XXXXXXX and I would like to call someone so he/she will see my Anveo Phone Number and not my personal phone number. Basically, it would appear as I am calling from my Anveo phone number. Is it possible?"

A number of people have asked similar questions.
The answer is YES!
Moreover, Anveo is very flexible system and it offers a number of ways how it can be done.
One way is by using Anveo Web Call where you can choose 'Custom CallerID' option and select your Anveo Phone Number from the list.

Question: "That is great! But what if I do not have access to the internet at the moment, am I out of luck then?"

Anwer: Since you already have Anveo Phone Number you know that it is powered by flexible Call Flow engine which offers unlimited possibilities.
Using powerful Anveo Call Flow you can easily configure your Anveo Phone Number to help you.
All you need to do is to use a combination of 'Enter Code' and Transfer call controls. Here is how:
And configure 'Enter Code' Call Control to accept 10 digits (USA phone number including area code) and store it in a variable. And then configure Transfer Call Control to dial a phone number stored in a variable and use Anveo Phone Number for CallerID option.

Finally, configure your Call Flow to get to this section (there are too many ways it can be done to list them all here) and you will be able to call your Anveo phone number then enter a phone number you need to call and Anveo will connect you with the number you have entered your Anveo Phone Number will be shown as CallerID.

Question: "Wow! That is so cool! I am just wondering is there any other way? ;) "

Answer: Of couse there is another way, In fact there are more than one ;). In short, it is called 'Anveo API'. A simple program can be created that initiates a phone call via Anveo API that connects you (on your cell phone, home phone or any other phone number) with another party while using your Anveo Phone number as CallerID.

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